Cressandra Thibodeaux

Untitled photo

Cressandra Thibodeaux is an award-winning, Native American, filmmaker and visual artist. She received her MFA from Columbia University’s Film program and her undergrad at U.T. at Austin and her Associates degree at the Glassell School of Art for photography. She has produced/directed/edited numerous documentaries, short films and commercials. Her first 3 commercials won 3 silver Addy Awards. In 2010, Thibodeaux’s first solo show, “Oil on Water” was at Art Basel in Basel, Switzerland. In 2010, Thibodeaux founded the multidisciplinary, arts origination, 14 Pews. In 2015, she founded, Bechdel Films, a female film production company. In 2018, Thibodeaux received a MacDowell Colony Fellowship and Rockefeller grant to develop her photo exhibit My Box Series, which was at G-Gallery and then the Texas Contemporary Art Show, both in Houston, Texas

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