Julia McLaurin

Untitled photo

I am an enthusiastic photographic collage artist working out of Houston, Texas. My work is best known for combining vintage and modern imagery with whimsical and fanciful photographic works. My mantra: color, chaos with odd, unseen combinations. My art becomes about the surprise, the uniqueness of the set ups. The quirkiness. The fantastical images are meant to bring a smile and a sense of intrigue. I draw my inspiration from my surroundings, the world within we live. For example, the "Hail to the Chief” series is a visual learning experience of the 45 presidents of the United States. Each president’s photo-collage is humorous and brings each into modern times by embedding familiar contemporary objects, of our time, into the images. Animals are often the focus and inspiration for my work. By appropriating animal images in whimsical and unlikely ways, I create art that challenges the relationship between nature and the environment. Digital manipulation allows me to create the unimaginable when traditional photography isn#t enough. It is a form of escapism saturated with color. Reality is not a limitation, rather my imagination.Work available through Foto Relevance Gallery in Houston.

You can contact me at:      juliaprus@yahoo.com

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