Narinder Sall

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Narinder Sall was born in the tiny village of Kanganwal, located in the state of Punjab, India. He migrated to the United States in 1968. He holds a Masters Degree in Engineering and practiced Project Control Engineering in the Oil and Gas industry for over 35 years, travelling to many countries. During all this time cameras were his constant companion. Although he practiced advertising photography earlier, he has focused on fine art work for the last ten years. He is captivated by the wonderful beauty that is hidden inside ordinary things and strives to express this beauty by photographing them in a unique way. The experience of composing aesthetic expressions of objects that have never been seen before is thrilling to him. His work is simple, direct, and natural. His effort is to produce original and believable pictures that will touch the viewer in some way. His work has appeared in numerous exhibitions and galleries. He also, co-authored a critically acclaimed coffee-table book, Leonard Tharp: An American Style of Flower Arrangement, Taylor Publishing Company.

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